Process of ageing skin over time

The critical changes that occur when the skin ages are seen in the lower layer of the skin (dermis). In our youth, sufficient amounts of collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced in this layer. Applying any creams or other products to the overlying visible upper skin (epidermis), which does not have any blood supply, only brings about short-lived positive results. Look at it this way: If you paint the front of your house without applying primer first, it will peel off within a very short space of time; guaranteed.

young and elderly skin

ageing skin

The skin is naturally supplied with collagen and hyaluronic acid, both of which are essential components of skin and connective tissue. The problem: Production of these two substances starts to decrease from the age of 25 and continues to reduce rapidly to only 30% (collagen) and 10% (hyaluronic acid) of its original capacity by the time we reach 60. The skin actually dries up from the inside and loses its elasticity. It starts to sag and fold, and develops more and more wrinkles. Collagen makes skin tissue smooth and supple, and hyaluronic acid supplies it with moisture.

Methylsulfonylmethane (organosulphur compound) plays an important part in building-up of collagen. The latter is a basic protein for structure and strength of connective tissues, bones, cartilages and tendons. Formation of keratin also depends on the sulphur. Keratin makes 98% of our nails and our hair also possesses a high content of this substance. Healthy and strong nails, elastic and wrinkle-free skin, reach and shiny hair are results of well-functioning sulphur metabolism.

Collhyaleen® – For a firmer more youthful skin appearance – Proven by clinical studies.

The positive effect of Collhyaleen® on the appearance of the skin has been proven by a 12-week clinical study at the Dermatest Institute in Münster, Germany. The test subjects were between 45 and 71 years old.

Wrinkle depth: UP TO MINUS 47%

On average, individual wrinkle depth reduced by 24%, (up to 47%), after the product had been taken for 12 weeks.

Skin moisture: UP TO PLUS 42%

On average, skin moisture increased by 23%, (up to 42%), after Collhyaleen® had been taken for 12 weeks.

Skin elasticity: UP TO PLUS 41%

On average, skin elasticity increased by 22%, (up to 41%), after 12 weeks.

Collhyaleen® in tin

Unit Size:

Tin of 180g powder to make up the drink (one month supply). Collhyaleen® is only available in pharmacies.

Hendrik Becker

Hendrik Becker

Hendrik Becker, the six-time German National Triathlon Champion and winner in the European Championship fully relies on Collhyaleen.

Thomas Winkelmann

Thomas Winkelmann

Thomas Winkelmann, acting German National Triathlon Champion says about Collhyaleen®: „It is thanks to the Power of Collhyaleen® that at the age of nearly 40 years I’m fully capable to master the physical stress of competitive sports.”

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