Filling material for the joints: Hyaluronic acid is the main component of synovial fluid. Up to 70% of joint cartilage consists of collagen.

Did you know that the production of these two substances by the body massively decreases over the years?


Collhyaleen® Drink –  micromolecular hyaluronic acid ExceedHyal®, MSM (organosulphur compound)  and Collagen peptides are combined for the first time in high doses.

A breakthrough for youthful skin and natural smoothness – Reduces wrinkle depth by up to 50%– Findings clinically proven by dermatological studies.

Collhyaleen® in tin

Unit Size:

Tin of 180g powder to make up the drink (one month supply). Collhyaleen® is only available in pharmacies.




Original Dermatest - sehr gut - klinisch getestet
Hendrik Becker

Hendrik Becker

Hendrik Becker, the two-time German National Triathlon Champion, relies on Collhyaleen.