The unrivalled anti-ageing formula – Collagen peptides and micromolecular hyaluronic acid ExceedHyal® are combined for the first time in high doses.

Aufbau des Kniegelenks


Containing the newly developed hyaluronic acid ExceedHyal ®, the innovative Collhyaleen® drink has a molecular weight of just 110kDa (conventional products reach molecular weights of 800kDa and more). The lower the molecular weight, the more “fine molecular” the hyaluronic acid - the more complex and expensive its production - and the better its absorption (bioavailability) in the body.

Crucial: High dosage and bioavailability

Patented in Germany short-chain collagen peptides (3.3 g*), combined with the fine molecular hyaluronic acid ExceedHyal® (200 mg*) plus Vitamins C and E (as per daily dose). Gluten and lactose free. No known side effects.

Collhyaleen® – Available in pharmacies without prescription

Collhyaleen® in tin

Unit Size:

Tin of 150g powder to make up the drink (one month supply). Collhyaleen® is only available in pharmacies.

Hendrik Becker

Hendrik Becker

Hendrik Becker, the two-time German National Triathlon Champion, relies on Collhyaleen.

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